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About Latvia

Latvia is a country located in Northern Europe between Lithuania to the south and Estonia to the north. It is known for its unique culture, vibrant history, and beautiful landscapes. The Latvian population is the largest of the three Baltic States, and it is home to a number of ethnic minority groups. Latvian is the official language, and the capital city is Riga. The country is mostly low-lying, and the climate is moderate with four distinct seasons. Latvians enjoy an abundance of natural resources, including forests, rivers, lakes, and the Baltic Sea. The country is largely covered by a system of national parks, protected areas, and nature reserves. Latvia has a rich history and culture. Traditional crafts and folk art are still valued, and many communities host festivals celebrating Latvian culture throughout the year. Latvia’s rich folk music is also popular and its folk dancing is world renowned. Latvia is also a hub for international business and education.

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The country offers a variety of universities and colleges, as well as great job opportunities. In addition, Latvia has hundreds of historical and cultural sites, and the cities and towns are largely intact. Latvia is a place of contrast and diversity.

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Why Study in Latvia?
  1. Valid passport
  2. Recently taken passport-size colour photos
  3. Visa application form
  4. Offer Letter from the college.
  5. Confirmation Letter from the college
  6. Document confirming the Proof of accommodation.
  7. Airticket reservation
  8. A travel health insurance for the whole period of stay.
  9. All educational documents (Need to do the Apostle)
  10. Work experience document, if any.
  11. Sufficient Means of support
  12. VISA Fee payable in Cash

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We are available at +919037900880 during regular business hours contact our support team which are available 24/7 and will reply asap.





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