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Best Countries To Study Abroad 2019

Studying abroad is one of the enriching experiences of your life and there are tons of scholarships that are no more expensive than you could have visioned. This article will get you inspired about the best the places to study abroad. Before you go through the article it’s important to ask yourself about a couple of questions. First and foremost, What is your major? Then ask yourself these questions, What is your budget? Are you learning a foreign language? How can this study abroad experience help you to get a job after your scholars?

No matter what you choose one piece of advice applies everywhere. If you can spend the time and the money to move abroad, avoid the familiar and go to the place of the most cultural shot that you can ever get. The more you can explore, the more you grow and more these experiences will help you in the future.

Dive in, checkout and learn why these places are great destinations for study in abroad after 12th and for students who opt to do their graduation or masters abroad.

Study In Germany

The few things that goes through our mind when we think about Germany are the autobahn, currywurst, Oktoberfest, Beethoven. With over 20,000 castles, the country’s history, culture, and architecture with ease will attract the students. Germany is climbing in the list of most popular study abroad places year by year.

Because of the well renowned economic status and student-friendly approach of the country, its best opted by the students who wish to pursue political science or business. Whether it be the artsy and vibes of the capital city Berlin or the friendly and quaint essence of Marburg, Germany offers fine abound discounts and has a most welcoming nature like home for students.

Study In China

With distinctly diverse in all aspects China is one of the desired study abroad destinations among the students. The land area is as large as the whole of Europe, China has one of the aged civilizations in the world with a history of over 400 decade.

With the advancement of China as a world power, the language admirers and business students indistinguishably trail Mandarin study. Even though the statistical report varies year by year, Duolingo has registered students about 2.85 million and the graph will exponentially rise in the future. All these factors make China interesting and  surprisingly exhilarating place for study abroad students.

Study In Italy

When we think of New Zealand, the first thing that strikes us is the enthralling natural beauty of the sovereign Islands portrayed in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy. The quality educational programs offered by the country for its foreign students and the geographical diversity had made a great impact on the tourism sector. Comprising of two main islands this small country has wowed the students who seek the best opportunities for studying abroad.

The capital of New Zealand, Wellington and the student-friendly Dunedin are the two top cities that most of the students opt for their highers. You will evidently live the most welcoming mantra, “work hard, play hard” of New Zealand.

Study In France

You are not alone if you are a Francophile. France continues to attract the students in record numbers who seek how to study in abroad after 12th. Despite of the capital city Paris, the most go-to destination for students there are many other great locations to consider.

In the south we have the quaint university city, the aesthetic Aix-en Provence. Lyon, the foodie city is also a good option for the students. Even there are more budget-friendly and lively small cities to explore in France.

Study In Australia

The pristine beaches, rugged terrain and multiracial cities of Australia describes well the country’s aesthetics and refinement on all aspects. Since Australia, the fellow English speaking (even though the slang eats your head at times) country is steadily common among the study abroad students it’s less intimidating for first-time seekers.

Iconic Sydney is ranked in the fifth position for both the most budget-friendly and the best student city. There are plenty more reasons why students opt Australia for their highers abroad. Check out more about Australia in Ed Abroad best study abroad consultants in kerala.

Study In Spain

The realm of siestas and sun remains top in the list of best study abroad places. Well-known for its  rich history, great wine and cuisine, and the stress-free lifestyle, Spain is the perfect destination for consuming the diversity or brushing up your language skills.

Madrid the capital city as well as the cultural and historical powerplace is a engaging and lively location for the students. If you find life in the heart of Spain is not your wavelength, then there are small towns and cities with agile student strength. Some other popular places in Spain are Barcelona, Granada, Seville and Bilbao each embracing their easy-going Spanish lifestyle.

Study In Ireland

Ireland is slowly pitching the into the list of great study abroad locations. With a chock brimful of friendly locals and charming corners to traverse the tiny Island land is a home to colossal literary works and classic music. Obviously the students seeking arts education will fall in love with the culture and traditions of the nation.

Among the students in Dublin, the indeed international city is the most popular one. Galway, the notable destination for bohemian vibe and arts arena is another choice for the students. Comparably student-friendly, Cork and Limerick offers a large spectrum of courses. Let your creative face live the life in this captivating land of tale tellers.

Something seems missing? Hey! What about the UK?

Study In UK

Didn’t you figure out the omission of the United Kingdom from the above list? Yes we did.. Here it explains why we did like.

Ofcourse, UK is one of the most popular and best study abroad destination. To appreciate the expansive diversity in history, culture and languages that prevail across the country we did like this. Based on the tabulation of the results, Edaboard separated the countries London, Whales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, and they still are the top cities worldwide for studying abroad.

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