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How to Secure Admission in a Foreign University After 12th Grade?

You’ve worked hard to pass out with flying colors so far. And now it’s time to take that next giant leap, right? The process of securing admission to a foreign university might seem complex, but that’s where we come in. With partnerships spanning over 100 world-ranking universities, we’re not just consultants; we’re your gateway to a world brimming with academic possibilities. So, are you ready to start on this exciting journey with us? Then go ahead and read it.

  • Research and Shortlist Universities: Finding the right university is like mapping the terrain of your future. You must look for a university that doesn’t just teach you but transforms you. Delve into course offerings, faculty prowess, campus life, and those all-important rankings. With Edabroad’s connections to over 100 top-tier universities, your perfect match is within reach.
  • Understand the Admission Requirements: Consider us your personal GPS. Every university has its own set of admission criteria: SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, transcripts, recommendations, and personal statement. Don’t sweat it. Edabroad’s consultants are here to demystify the process, helping you tick every box with confidence.
  • Prepare and Submit Your Application: Putting together your application is the key part of your whole admission process. Your academic achievements, your test scores, your voice through a personal statement, and those glowing recommendations— all of it is included in this step. Edabroad’s team is by your side, ensuring every word and number places you in the best light possible.
  • Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid: Let’s talk money—smartly. Hunting for scholarships and financial aid is not just about saving; it’s about investing in your future wisely. Start early, and aim strategically. Edabroad is your treasure map to scholarships and aid from our partner universities, making the financial aspect of studying abroad less daunting.
  • Visa Application and Pre-departure Preparation: Visa in hand, bags packed, and you’re ready to fly! Getting your student visa and setting off for your adventure is the final stretch. With Edabroad, you’re not just prepared; you’re propelled. We smooth out the visa kinks and prep you for departure, ensuring your journey from home to campus is as thrilling as the education that awaits. Contact us for Study Abroad consulting
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At Edabroad, we provided dedicated course for those students who are aspiring study abroad. We have helped hundreds of students in selecting best university, course & country, because of which we are recognized institute in Kochi.
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