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New Student Visa Rules & Policies for UK 2020 | UK Student Visa Requirements 2020

Impact of New Student Visa Rules & Policies for UK.

The new Two-Year post study work visa will mean that more students will be flying to the UK for higher studies. The new route announced by the uk means that students can spend two years in the UK after graduate studies to find work. Presently only four months is allowed for international students studying for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. This means that nearly six lakh international students will be studying in the UK for higher studies by 2030. These graduates will be able to find any level of work and gradually move up the ladder and find a better job commensurate with their learning. This means international students can stay and work in the UK doing jobs of any skill level, for two years. This could come into eligibility for students entering the UK for studies from 2020-21 academic year onwards. This will provide students the impetus to study in abroad after 12th, especially in the UK.

The Modalities

The visa provided to students during this two year period will be a separate one and will have to be applied afresh. The visa fee and immigration health surcharge should also be paid afresh. However, it does not necessarily mean automatic settlement. But students who achieve appropriately skilled work can progress towards settlement.

The Rush is Back

Now that the 2 year extension of UK work visa from 2021 onwards on the cards, students are making a beeline for the UK once again. The effect of the UK Work Visa Rules is felt all around the western countries. France is also witnessing a surge in students traveling there for studies. France is considered a doorway to Europe and hence it has witnessed a big growth in the number of international students recently. Germany remains a more affordable and a preferred choice among students. It offers many courses that are in English and stay back options are also provided. Some of the public universities are such that students don’t have to pay tuition fees. Other country that has seen a surge in the intake of students is the Netherlands. All this has put pressure on countries like Canada, Australia, and the USA to which Indian students went for graduate and post-graduate studies in large numbers. Canada and Australia both provide high-quality education coupled with more liberal immigration rules.

Benefits of UK Student Visa

Students studying abroad will get the opportunity to work and pay off their student loans. The chance of finding jobs immediately and then getting up the ladder to a better job is a possibility that is too good to miss. Students will get the opportunity to attain an international degree as well as gain job experience. Even if eventually if they find it difficult to get a job in the UK, they will still be much sought after candidates for jobs back home that too with work experiences. The global ranking of UK degrees and courses is high and therefore it is advantageous for Indian students. Another beneficial factor is that there is no cap to the number of students who can access the visa.

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