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Popular Courses in UK for Indian Students

To counter success in the field of study in abroad after 12th, you need a high offsetting dose of robustness, and even higher dose of anti-fragility. Then you will be able to gain the skills necessary to enter the workplace & make a remarkable impact right away. UK which is renowned to be as one of the most popular study destinations. The major cause of attraction is the world class universities for there quality of education, and the beautiful cities that complement the entire experience of international students.

What contributes to an extraordinary career? Research has impressively shown, that a good and practically oriented education is the prerequisite for success. After graduation it is not solely about having excellent knowledge, but also about presenting yourself as indispensable for your future employer. In order to overcome the shortage of skilled labour, a lot of UK company increasingly recruit highly qualified international employs.

Studying in UK guarantees an international recognition and wide range of career opportunities in a Flourishing Business Hub. Most of the companies here has a great international reputation, in the fields of different agile technologies and software development. There are a number of courses that can be opted for by the students, depending on their interests after completing the basic education. Some of the popular courses In UK for Indian students are discussed below

Globalization and the increasing demand of business leaders all over the world calls for an academic qualification that sets your standards for national and international business. The graduates of MBA (HR, Marketing, Finance, International Business) have the commercial, legal and managerial expertise in managing big projects and enhancing company’s performance every year.

Human resource management (MBA HR) plays a pivotal role in the successful operation of companies and multinationals around the globe. Knowing how to effectively manage human resources on an international stage is becoming an increasingly important skill. With a master’s degree program, you will gain expertise in strategic management, employee relation and engagements, resourcing and management development and corporate HRM with an understanding of how business is conducted in the global arena. HR plays a very important role in bringing together the interest of the company and of its employees, and tackle various issues like lack of staff, the existing opportunities for growth, and finding appropriate employees to ensure the long-term success of the company.

MBA Finance & Accounts the advantage of taking up this course is so practical that the students will learn how to apply their knowledge and be sure and optimistic about finding a job which corresponds to their skills and competences.

Which project are worth investing in? what is the actual value of a company? What instruments are available to measure the value of company and assess financial market? To ensure an optimal balance between the completing goals of liquidity, safety, yield, and growth, and a deep understanding of the capital structure of a business and having a consideration when investing and undertaking necessary financing. MBA In Finance & Accounts is one of the most important components of organisational management, and we have seen how financial institutions have experienced various crises across the globe

In MBA Marketing ensuring a high level of satisfaction among their customers and secondly, generate high profits for companies and organisations at the same time is the responsibility of a marketing department. A consulting company, a creative and strategic specialist in marketing, is in demand all over the world. There are a number of opportunity and the students opting for this course will potentially be employed at almost any company, both national and international. In the field of international marketing, managers develop and coordinate product portfolios. They are able to fulfil customers requirements from any cultural background in that they develop products and services which are calculated according to their exact demands.

While studying you get a number of opportunities to do an internship to get an insight about the work place. our master’s degree in engineering (Civil/Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical), and IT like (Computer Science/ Data science/ Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence) are the best for all those passionate to make career in these fields. These master’s degree in Engineering and It optimally prepares you for an international career at the interface between management and technology. During your studies, you will acquire key skills in product development and all the quality management standards. These study programs in engineering will help you to gain technical known-how and management skills, and pave your way to career in a field of technology driven environment.

The world will always need engineers because who else could design the things that improve and makes our lives easier? With our master’s degree in engineering (Civil/Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical) you will have right skills in all the interdisciplinary engineering. Civil, learn to design and mange construction projects for buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, railways etc. From working with energy, power to design and test, working with transportation to designing infrastructure like highways, airport, railways, working with water engineers to design water networks and providing clean water to communities.

Electrical Engineering you will study and learn to find innovative and practical solutions for building intelligent utility networks, wireless networks, advanced nanotechnology and biochips. Embedded technology deals with creating hardware and software components that are meant to produce a repetitive task that can be found in all electronic systems.

Mechanical engineering where you will learn to apply principle in analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. The main duties of mechanical engineers are to design, create and test any type of equipment and machinery that is meant to move.

With the Digital transformation there are growing number of new application development and deployment approach called as cloud native. All the large and fast-growing companies are investing substantially in the implementation of data management systems and structure using AI and Data science. Management skills combined with technical expertise are crucial for tomorrow’s executives.

The UK study programs in engineering (Computer Science/ Data science/ Analytics/ Artificial Intelligence) has a great reputation worldwide. After completing their studies students will be able to assume management responsibility like engineering Project managers who work at the interface between top management and engineers, and are responsible for business coordination and leading technical teams. Technology affects business success in almost every sector. A lot of unstructured data collected needs to be stored, but also analysed and effectively used. Generating lot of strategic output from the data as possible. Understanding Principle of information management, as well as artificial intelligence, and having a feel for new technology and their applications in a business environment. Process data to suit the company strategy by understanding your management’s needs. As a result, the qualified student will have excellent career opportunities in almost all forward- looking sectors, especially in the IT.

Masters’ degree offered in the healthcare fields are MS in Health care management system and MS in public health which are directly related to practice and eventually becomes leaders in the healthcare business. These course’s requires skills like strong decision-making capabilities and the ability to stay abreast of local, state and national issues which affects the healthcare industry.

Over all skilled professionals are in high demand, and this creates a lot of opportunities for you. Students who have successfully completed their studies in Germany can have their residence permit extended by up to 18 months in Germany for looking for job and after finding a suitable job they can choose whether they want to apply for German residence permit or for an EU blue Card (only if graduated in Germany)

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