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Study Abroad Guide for Kerala Students

Planning to study abroad? Studying abroad can be a tough situation for both parents and students at the same time it is a great opportunity to explore more. Here’s a how to study in abroad after 12th, complete guide for Kerala students that will help you know more and make your abroad experience a success.

Choose the right and the best country and course for you

The first and foremost step is to choose the specific country and the course that best suits you. It can be a knotty process to research and collate from all the likely courses that are you are interested in from the vast list of studying abroad.

Listing a few countries and courses best opted by the students in Kerala,

Study abroad organisations in Kerala are committed in assisting Indian students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad. At Edabroad we help you achieve your dream!

Admissions and Visa Procedures

If your choice of study abroad agency in kerala is right, they will help you provide all the appropriate procedures and paper works for an hassle-free study abroad visa process. Initially, the certification assessments will be carried out once it’s cleared the next phase is the international language skill test as per the denominations of the country chose.

When the examination is cleared all the certification required will be forwarded to the university/college with proper documentation as per the norms. The study abroad agency associates with the university/college for further payments and procedures. Once all the documentation and visa is processed the student is good to go abroad for higher education.

Role of Study Abroad Consultant

Heading your daughter/son off to do their education abroad is a daunting moment for every parent. The initial thoughts and concerns will definitely eat their head and there are even possibilities to rethink on it.

There are a number of best study abroad agencies in Kerala that provides the best experience for students, ensuring student care and ease the agitations of the parents.

And the big question you might ask is how can we achieve this? The candidate can book a homestay for a period of 4-weeks before their arrival or they can even lodge in the campus, which is opted by most of the Kerala parents so that while settling in both the student and parent get a security base in the first month.

Another query will be how my daughter/son in a new country will reach the new accommodation from the airport? Many study abroad agencies provide transportation to pick the student from the airport to the accommodation.

When the student reaches the campus the service officers will provide adequate advice and instructions such as regarding bank account or some general queries to them after the student registration and initial assessment and will be assigned to their respective classes.

Time to pack your bags

Now, all the paper works are completed and it’s time to pack your bags. Before grabbing and packing make sure you do research on the weather conditions in the chosen country and pick your appropriate clothing.

Ensure you didn’t forget the below-listed items while packing.

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Tickets
  • Prescription medicine
  • Glasses
  • Money
  • Any official documents
  • Clothes and other personal use kind of stuffs

Apart from the above listed essential items, our recommendations are;

  • Proof of insurance
  • Doctors note (if any)
  • Student ID card
  • Money belt
  • Backpack
  • Camera/journal
  • Prescriptions (translated, if need)
  • A few family photos
  • Identification tag

Parent and student ground rules

Always try to keep in touch with your loved ones but be flexible for both sides. Once you have arrived safely text or call (always prefer a call) your parent ad convey that you reached safely, as this can help in lowering their stress level.

When you exams are on, let your parents know about it in advance by a text or call so that they won’t be persistently ringing and will know that you are safe. This will also prevent the parent from contacting the programme mainstay (in emergencies the parent should).

Dealing with Emergencies

Experiencing an emergency in another country can be petrifying. Some measures to be take in case of emergency situations.

Passport/wallet stolen – Always keep copies of your passport back-up on your electronic gadget (can be a laptop, mobile, etc.). Your parents can arrange sufficient money in need if you are wired with an online banking system.

Missed flight – Keep the contact details of the transfer operators and airlines. So that you can connect with them in case of emergency situations.

Injury – Substantial insurance for travel is a must and make sure the student knows the details of the travel insurance, when and where to imply.

Study in abroad after 12th is always a unique and life challenging experience for students, that will help in educational as well as cultural growth of the individual. Get started with the study abroad process with one of the best study abroad consultants in Kerala. Hope this article regarding the study abroad guide for Kerala students helped you in getting an outline of the process.

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