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Study Abroad Scholarships 2020 – Study Abroad Scholarships For Indian Students

Why the Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunity Exists

All the bright students out there should be happy to know that there are virtually hundreds of Scholarship opportunities to study abroad in the field of their choice. If they are lucky enough,   they can also study in the country of their preference.

Study abroad Scholarships bring down the expense of studying overseas. There are many study abroad scholarship opportunities from across the world that can be explored. This is because of many countries across the world value students who are consistently performing well to come to their country and study. The main aim of study abroad scholarships for foreign students is to attract the best and brightest students from all over including India.


A World of Scholarship Opportunity

The study abroad scholarship opportunity is open to students from around the world. It helps students to cut the cost of living and studying in countries and universities that have the best and specialized facilities and educationists in their preferred field of study.

Smart students are discovering that they can access study abroad scholarships from a range of sources. If you want to know more about study abroad scholarships then consult Edabroad, one of the best study abroad consultants who provides detailed information and services for overseas education and scholarships opportunity associated with study in abroad after 12th. Many of the study abroad scholarship opportunities lies in Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.

The most aware students know where the  study abroad scholarship opportunities exist and the tricks of achieving them. They are ably encouraged and assisted by Edabroad. The study abroad scholarships significantly help decrease tuition fees and the cost of living abroad. As there are always new study abroad scholarships and old ones being stopped, students have to keep themselves updated to the opportunities with Edabroad.


Seek the opportunities

Students should be aware that many organizations, governments, and universities welcome Indian students with study abroad scholarships. Indian students have the opportunity to approach a large number of institutions. The thing to note is the desired place of study and what kind of funding that is provided. If the match is great, you have it made.


Here is a Shortlist of Study Abroad Scholarships That Can Be Explored:

  1. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships (This scholarship allows Indian students to study in N. America and Europe. This is for undergraduate and   postgraduate studies.)
  2. Aichi Scholarship Program
  3. This is for Asian Students who wish to study in Japan. There are lots of opportunities for Indian students. They can go for graduate-level studies.
  4. DST A*STAR Singapore-India Joint Research Grants (Here Indian research students can get grants for Science and Technology Studies in Singapore)
  5. Hong Kong Baptist University – Hinrich Full MA Scholarship in International Journalism
  6. Indian students can get scholarships to study the Masters of Arts in International Journalism program at this university.
  7. HM King’s and HM Queen’s Scholarships
  8. This is a scholarship sponsored by the Thailand Government to which Indian students can apply. The studies are master’s level within engineering and technology, the management or environment and development at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).
  9. Silk-Road Scholarship Program at Seoul National University (Indian students can study in South Korea at Seoul National University. They can learn graduate-level humanities or social science programs.)
  10. University of Adelaide Ashok Khurana Scholarship
  11. Indian students can take up a Postgraduate study at Adelaide in select fields.
  12. India Global Leaders Scholarship
  13. Indian students can apply for a master’s degree or an undergraduate degree within the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Queensland in Australia. Excluding MBAs.
  14. Future of Change India Scholarship
  15. At the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), this scholarship gives Indian students who have been accepted for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at UNSW Sydney.
  16. University of Queensland Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships (It is open for students from India to undertake postgraduate study in biology-related subjects.)


Study Abroad Scholarship Types

Study abroad Scholarships are of various kinds and students can approach them in various ways that suit them best.


This basically takes into consideration both the academic record and extracurricular activities of the student.

 2. Specific Category based:

These scholarships are designed to help certain communities to achieve higher education. It can be based on gender, race, religion, disabilities etc. as criteria for applying.

 3. Destination specific:

These are scholarships offered by one particular country in reciprocation to the scholarships offered by the other country. Students from some countries can get preferential treatment and scholarships.

 4. Subject specific:

Some universities and their special departments would wish to encourage some of the best students from across the world to study in their department and enrich their field of study. For this purpose, they grant scholarships.

 5. Athletic scholarships:

Universities take pride in the sports and sports facilities they have given special emphasis to. Thus to encourage the best potential sportspersons to join them, they offer the best facilities, training services and of course, scholarships that help the student balance studies with training.

If you have any queries regarding how to approach various universities for attaining scholarships for higher studies, Edaroad helps students turn their dreams to reality. Edabroad, the leading study abroad consultants in Kochi for advanced education abroad will assist the right students to achieve scholarships in Colleges and Universities

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