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Top 5 Most Rewarding Career Cities In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the famous destinations to study in abroad after 12th, as evident from millions of international students pouring in every year. Students can make new connections, expand their knowledge, experience a new culture, and live a beautiful student life while choosing top-ranked Universities for their education.

Apart from knowledge and learning opportunities, the United Kingdom is ideal for staying, thanks to the pocket-friendly Student housing in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, and other major cities. Big cities, including Manchester and London, have several employment opportunities for students. Students get a chance to experience an incredible student lifestyle. There are many clubs and societies to join, which tells you a lot about the culture of the United Kingdom.

Any student planning to study and make a career in the United Kingdom should learn about the popular cities that provide world-leading research, excellent quality of education, high graduate employability, and an incredible learning environment. Here are some of the rewarding career cities to visit in the United Kingdom:

Glasgow- A popular city in the UK

Glasgow is a wonderful city, providing incredible employment opportunities and the highest graduate salaries. The latest statistics of Glasgow city-states that the average salary of graduates in 2019 was around £26,195. Students need not worry about the accommodation and the living expenses.

Top-ranked and recognized Universities are located in Glasgow city, providing excellent academic experience and the quality of education to the students. Apart from academics, students can find a number of working opportunities. Indeed, it’s an ideal city for students to make their career strong in the business and financial sector.

London- A lively City in the UK

London is one of the most huge and bustling cities, usually attracted by tourists across the world. Being a top and vibrant city, London has impressive prospects for a substantial pay rise in the future. The latest statistics for London city states that the average salary of people is almost 53% higher than graduate salaries.

Students can go to big publishing houses, law firms, and other top-notch companies that can be found only in London. In addition, students can find abundant opportunities for socializing, entertainment, and leisure. You can find affordable and convenient Student housing in London if you book with trusted accommodation providers for your pleasant stay. Otherwise Edabraod will help you. Edabroad is considered one of the best study abroad consultants in Kerala, India. Pursuing higher education abroad can indeed be a dream come true for many students, offering them opportunities for academic and personal growth.

Manchester- An Incredible City in the UK

Manchester is another popular city in the UK as it holds 25th rank according to the student view Indicator. 100,000 international students come to the city to complete their higher education. All of them have an incredible and satisfying experience and a wonderful social life.

It is an enormous city providing a plethora of working opportunities for students to make their best careers. In addition, big companies like Adidas and Kellogg have their headquarters located in this amazing city. Furthermore, Universities like the University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University, and other top-notch institutions are located here.

Apart from working opportunities, Manchester is an incredible place to explore and to live. It is known for famous music bands, like The Smiths and Oasis. With your new friends, you can go to parties and experience the bustling nightlife of this city.

Edinburgh- An Oldest City in the UK

The capital of Scotland, called Edinburgh, ranks at 16th position in the World Student city ranking. Edinburgh is home to six recognized and top-notch universities, including the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University.

The best trail about all the amazing Edinburgh Universities is their united relationship between industry experience and academics. Once you get the degree from these Universities, you get the opportunity to work in top companies, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Skyscanner, and others.

Apart from career opportunities, you can explore a number of historic monuments, buildings, and museums, and learn about the rich history of Edinburgh city. The transportation services help you travel better using the Student Ricard, which is for just £45 per month.

Coventry- A True Student City in the UK

Ranked among the 50th best student cities across the world, Coventry is a true student city. There is no doubt that thousands of international students choose their careers in this incredible city. In addition, this city is home to diversified and recognized Universities providing excellent education platforms and working opportunities to the students.

Top-notch companies such as Jaguar Land and Rolls-Royce have their headquarters located in this city. If you can’t associate yourself with Automobile companies, you can look for other opportunities in big companies like KM&T, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and much more.

Let’s not forget talking about the Lifestyle of this wonderful city. Students can go for outdoorsy and artsy fun. There are numerous cultural attractions to discover with your new friends. Enjoy your time with sports such as Rugby, Ice hockey, and more. Furthermore, don’t miss out on the fun by exploring the history of the oldest monuments and museums.

Apart from Lifestyle, there is one thing that this city provides the best, which is convenient and affordable Student housing in Coventry options that make your stay perfect.

How Can AmberStudent Help You?

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