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Top Reasons to Study Abroad | Why Do You Want to Study Abroad

It changes your life

It is increasingly being understood by educationists, parents, and students that there are obvious benefits of studying outside the home country, particularly for higher education. To start off,  it is a change of scene away from the familiar, common place and staid. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the new and exciting world an opportunity to know and learn more than you could possibly do, back home.

The easy and the hard

Studying in a strange, foreign country is not easy and the challenges are many. First of all, you do not know the geography, customs or the nuances of each and every simple thing that just comes to one from living in a place. You are not familiar with the climate, the financial systems and the food of a region far from your own. But these are things that one has to overcome, learn and grow into.

Learning abroad is a challenge, opportunity and adventure mingled into one. It is a life-changing experience that will help you grow and become an international citizen. At Edabroad, we are involved intimately with students, helping them make this life-changing journey of discovery that leads to rewarding careers and a fulfilled life.

A new side of yourself

Studying abroad gives you a broader perspective and makes you connected with the world in many ways. It is not just that what you get from the whole experience but also what you contribute to the experience of others and their understanding of yourself, your country, your religion, your region and perhaps even your language. Just as you learn about new cultures, other people whom you interact with also get a new perspective about what you have to offer. The world is today an increasingly connected one with political and economic overlaps. The individual becomes an extension of the country that one represents and in short, becomes an ambassador in some ways of what the nation represents.

Getting connected

Learning abroad is a chance to make good friends from a whole lot of countries and build meaningful relationships. You learn and understand new values and expand your mind. You learn new perspectives and empathize with people from different regions and belief-systems. You learn to be in harmony and take good care of yourself. You become more self-reliant, confident and assured.

Focused education

The best part of studying abroad is that you can learn what you want to learn intensively as well as selectively choose to study subjects that interest you in a general way. The focus on your specific area of specialization can be intensive and deep. At the same time, there is an opportunity to learn esoteric subjects that come from your liking of some aspects, languages, and sciences.

Be recognized

When you graduate from a renowned institution, you are automatically branded and get the value of recognition. All those who interview you or require your service will automatically understand the value of your education and your pedigree. This opens doors, lands you your dream assignments in major corporations and helps you get into the top rung of the corporate world with ease. You get the best internships and it is the road to a higher paycheck along a long road of an accomplished career. Your degree from a leading institution is etched on your resume, giving it special magic. It makes you instantly recognizable as an international gentleman with cross-cultural experiences, problem-solving skills and the ability to push yourself to the limit.

Getting paid as you study
There are many courses where you can get scholarship especially if you are academically inclined and get good marks consistently. There is also the opportunity to work while you study which actually expands your capabilities and makes you highly employable. Students who studied abroad also are preferred and get higher starting salaries in jobs. International students are also more adept with languages and so have greater value in certain international positions. So the moment you feel ready to take up an advanced course abroad, talk to the experts at Edaboard education consultants in kochi and it can become a pathway to fulfillment for you.

Learn interesting languages

Study in abroad after 12th has an unusual benefit – that of the opportunity to learn languages that you never thought you would ever. Maybe your roommate is Nigerian or Japanese. It is entirely possible that the student will try to learn their language just for curiosity or possibly some practical purpose. In an unimagined way, you could end up learning some completely new language. Even learning new accents of English will be an interesting discovery of self. Learning new languages takes you to a whole new dimension opening up new possibilities and expanding your world-view. It gives you access to information, a new set of films and books. You can pick conversational language skills with roommates, classmates and locally. It will be a whole new side of you that you have never thought possible.

The Learning Experience

The style of teaching and the process of learning can be different in a new country, especially an advanced nation. It will have a relation to their schooling system which gives more emphasis on self-study, self research and article writing skill development as well as the emphasis on experimentation that they instill from a very young age. When a student from India – where the emphasis is on the ability to learn large sections of information by rote and delivering it correctly in a time-limited exam period – this will be a new experience. The pressure to learn will not be so drastic but the need for research and experimentations and own discovery will be there.

The learning experience will be a great one. The teachers too will have a very different style and will be more of a mentor while studying abroad. Students are expected to develop their own notes and seek out information. They have an emphasis on developing the critical thinking skills of the student rather than dumping large sections of information on them and asking students to remember it all, as is done in India. The students abroad learn to ask the right questions and seek out the right answers by themselves. They are more self-reliant in their pursuit of knowledge and are only guided on to their goals by their Professors.

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